One of the most important elements when developing any project in our lives is the organization, but it is also one of the most difficult. The degree project or the thesis is not the exception, it needs a lot of organization to be able to finish it satisfactorily; that’s why today we teach you how to make a simple and practical programmer of activities that will allow you to carry out your thesis step by step.


Sheet of paper or notebook.

Color sticker stickers.

Pencil or pencil

Newspaper, cardboard or other large paper.

Let us begin:

1. Take a sheet of paper or a notebook and make a list of all the tasks or activities that you should develop regarding the thesis. Make the list in order of priority, that is, what you must do first place it at the beginning and so on.

2. Choose three different colors on the adhesive memos and define three priority levels, one for each color. Example: green as urgent, yellow as moderately urgent and pink what can wait a little longer.

3. Write the tasks that you put in the list of the first step, one in each memo, taking into account its urgency, for example, defining the topic would be in a green memo, but applying the survey would be blue. Under the activity, place a maximum date of completion to trace your goals, and in case you are working with other people, place the name of the person in charge.

4. Take the cardboard or newspaper and make a table of three columns: the first will be called “To do”, the second “In process” and the third “Executed”.

5. Organize the memos in the three columns, at the beginning they will all be in the first column “To do”, but little by little you will change them in position, until everyone is in the third “Executed”. And your thesis is finished.

The most important thing is to have patience and try to do everything as well as possible to avoid the corrections of the advisor or tutor. It is also necessary to be persistent, that is, to do it continuously, whether you dedicate a couple of hours every day or four hours every two days, or all of your weekends. The idea is that you can guarantee compliance with all activities.

We also invite you to download for free our E-book “The thesis manual: practical tips to finish the thesis in a month”, which will help you a lot in this process.

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