1. Wide trajectory

In our three years of operation we have corrected about 62,050 pages and 1,340 documents between theses, monographs, dissertations, etc. in 134 universities in 20 countries. This makes us the most experienced team in all of America.

2. We are thesis experts

A while ago we worked as thesis advisors; and today we offer you our knowledge for free. We even have a book on how to do your thesis in a month.

3. We handle the academic terminology of the thesis

Example: in the methodology we know that descriptive approach is not said, but descriptive type.

4. We review the plagiarism

We detect involuntary plagiarism, we make appointments correctly, and when necessary, we give you recommendations to solve it.

5. Our prices are accessible

The fees of our style correction service represent the third part of what a traditional proofreader charges, since we offer it almost exclusively to students.

6. Speed ​​in delivery

Not only do we do it with quality but in record time, we have a team always prepared because we know that your delivery times are mostly limited. We take up to a quarter of the time offered by other style editors.

7. We have mastery of the APA style and others

We know in detail the rules for presenting written work (APA, Vancouver, ICONTEC, Chicago, ISO, Harvard, etc.).

8. We deliver the final document

In addition to the document in change control (with corrections indicated) we deliver a clean document completely finalized.

9. Multidisciplinary team

Our team is prepared to correctly interpret what you want to convey, since they are professionals from different areas of knowledge.

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