UVR was created almost three years ago with the purpose of helping the thesis students so that their documents do not have orthographic, grammatical or plagiarism problems and that they fit correctly in the APA or other style. At the same time, their social commitment is to provide free educational content so that the thesis students can get their degree project ahead.

That is why there are many ways in which UVR can help you with your thesis. Here are the main ones:

1. Educational content updated daily

In our Facebook and Instagram Fanpage we share daily in the form of educational memes, albums and videos, simple and professional tricks to perform the different parts of the thesis. Also, by this means we are always attentive to resolve your concerns.

2. Video tutorials of short duration

In our YouTube channel we share short explanatory videos, recorded by our collaborators, where we teach you important tips to advance in the thesis.

3. Articles step by step

In this blog we write constantly didactic entries that are of interest to the thesis, from how to make the schedule of activities, to how to avoid plagiarism. In addition, we have several downloadable templates that can be very helpful.

4. Brief and clear explanation on how to do the thesis

We wrote “The thesis manual: practical tips to finish the thesis in a month” with the purpose of condensing in a single document the correct way to do each of the parts of the thesis, from the summary to the conclusions, using examples Practical

5. A thesis without plagiarism

We have material to teach you how to achieve a thesis without plagiarism. And in case of involuntary plagiarism in UVR we make the revision to guarantee that your content is free of this.

6. Excellent thesis support

We give you a lot of advice so that you can defend your thesis in the best way before the juries, we even give you a template where you only have to replace the data and modify the colors if you wish.

7. A thesis with fewer corrections

At the end of the thesis and when you send it with us, you stop worrying about the corrections in terms of style correction (spelling, writing, grammar, coherence, plagiarism) or APA Standards, ICONTEC, Vancouver, among others Sometimes, or try to ask about how to write my essay now . Well with our review your document is perfect in these aspects of form.

In general, the most valuable way in which UVR can help you is allowing you to focus exclusively on the content of your thesis, without paying attention to issues such as good spelling, consistency of the text and the correct application of the rules of writing. This will allow you to finish it more quickly and deepen your research topic.

Remember that in UVR we take the complex of the thesis and make it something simple and understandable, we leave aside extensive and complicated explanations through clear communication and practical examples.

We invite you to get the most out of all the material that we offer you constantly, so that you can close the cycle of the university and move forward with your life project.

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